Diving School and Diving Trapani



" Be guided by professionals "

On request the hotel can provide you with  equipment and assitance for  diving or even just the boat ride to the dive site. Assistance and courses will be organised on demand with outsourced qualified operators.

Routes Diving - Natura SUB

A little over a mile from the hotel, the Rock of Donkey, from 0 to 40 meters deep, allows divers of any expertise to meet small damsels, groupers, moray eels, octopus, lobster and parazoanthus.

In about 20 minutes by boat, it possible to reach the Secca di Custonaci, a deep and long  rim, filled with clouds of anthias, stunning sea fans, sea bream, grouper and ferrets. Here, one can still admire small sprigs of red coral.

In front of Porta Ossuna, just over a mile from the ancient city walls, on the sandy bottom, it lies the Greek tanker Pavlos 5th : 16000 tons. of tonnage, 180 meters long, the wreck rises majestically from 34 to 14 meters deep, lending itself to different diving experiences, not excluding the exceptional night dive.

Routes Diving - Archaeo SUB

The battle of the Egadi, in 241 BC (First Punic War) left numerous evidences, one of which is the "Punic Ship" exposed at Baglio Anselmi of Marsala. This is the only remaining example of a "Liburna", a 35 meters agile warship recovered by the underwater archaeologist Honor Frost in 1969.

Recently discovered in the waters of Levanzo is a Roman fleet's ship sunken in the same battle, from which the Carthaginians came defeated.