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" The Sicilian tradition with taste "

The magic of the traditional recipes, is that they live for centuries, conquering, now as then, those who love to enjoy to experience through food the essence of a culture.The Trapanese cuisine is an extraordinary cultural concentrate. We believe that the right balance of strong flavours and the most genuine ingredients are key to recreate a truly delicious traditional dish.

The Sicilian tradition with taste
Indulge your senses: cultivating the land also means to preserve the genuinity of its fruits and the intensity of  its flavours. As all traditional cuisines, our regional cuisine contains an encyclopedia of gestures based on  the relations between people and between man and nature: a world to discover.

Sicilian cuisine tells us the history of the eternal love of man for his land, his love for hospitality  and generosity. Each recipe shows the vitality of a culture that throughout the millennia rewrote, with the elements of the sea and the land, its identity, combining traditions from different civilizations and merging in one the legacy of many different populations. The spices, the scent of sea-kissed and sunny shores, the intense flavours of a land that distills each fruit with proud labor: this is the flavor that Sicily holds.

Our restaurant will propose you the dishes that make the Sicilian cuisine celebrated all over the world. Not only for the unique flavours, but also for the generosity and hospitality that accompany them.

As well as wines. You can choose from fruity, balanced and fresh ... The province of Trapani produces it generously, distinguished by the high quality of the vines and takes pride of many DOC brands both for wines and liqueurs dessert. Our cellar offers you a range of labels to be enjoyed pairing them to your favourite dishes to enhance a tradition of taste that the  time refines.


Here are some recipes


Pasta with Trapanese Pesto

Ingredients for four people:
400 g of pasta (preferably fresh), 6 red tomatoes peeled and drained, 1 clove of garlic, 40g almonds, 40g of grated bread crumbs, olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh basil.
Peel the almonds after they have been immersed in boiling water for a few minutes, toast them in a pan and chop. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and blend (better crush them) along with the clove of garlic, fresh basil, salt and pepper. When they become creamy add a drizzle of olive oil and the chopped almonds. Meanwhile, in a nonstick skillet, toast the bread crumbs until it become golden brown. Cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water. Drain it al dente, season with the ready pesto and sprinkle it with the toasted breadcrumbs.
For those who loved the diving activities, we just remember that The Hotel Tirreno sea front and the band were fishy test fields in the most recent national and international fishing competitions, preserving, yet this area, a great vitality of fauna and flora marina.

Tuna with almonds

Ingredients for four servings:
800 g fresh tuna into slices, 1 onion, 1 tablespoon capers, 75 g almonds, olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped fresh parsley.
Peel the almonds after being immersed in boiling water for a few minutes, crush them in a mortar. Collect the ground almonds in a thin cloth and dip repeatedly in ½ liter of water trying to squeeze them well each time to get a rich "almond milk". Peel and chop the onion and capers, fry lightly in a little olive oil. When the sauce is browned put any over the slices of fish and brown them on both sides. Pepper and salt the fish, add plenty of chopped parsley, then pour the almond milk and make thicken the sauce over high heat for a few minutes. Serve it hot.


For the dough: 500g flour, 50g sugar 100g lard (or olive oil).
For the filling: 1kg ricotta 300g sugar, pine nuts, 50g candied,50g chocolate
Seal: 500g sugar (or honey); cinnamon. Fry in olive oil.